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2D Compactor

Trimble Compaction Control Systems help you roll a more efficient pattern so you can reach target passes and density faster. Intelligent compaction indeed.

2D Dozer

A 2D Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System is an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.

2D Grader

The Trimble 2D GCS900 Grade Control System for motor graders is an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.

2D Hex

Maximum efficiency for your excavator. Everyone talks about it, but only Trimble delivers. Trimble’s 2D Grade Control System for excavators is ideal for earth moving contractors looking to improve their excavation productivity and profitability.

  • Uses an angle sensor, dual axis sensor and laser catcher to measure the relationship between the body, boom, stick and bucket
  • Guides the operator to the desired depth and slope and determines where the bucket teeth are and should be
  • Upgrade to a 3D grade control system as your business grows

2D Paver

Pave the way to better profits. Trimble Paving Control Systems help speed up your paving production while laying a smoother surface and reducing material costs.

3D Compactor

Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System provides compaction control and documentation capabilities, including:

  • Measurement of material compaction as an indication of material stiffness or density
  • Real-time display of compaction measurements, pass counts, and guidance to the operator
  • Mapping and recording of compaction and as-built material surface data

3D Dozer

Better blade control. Faster operating speed. Only GCS900 with GradeMax lets you grade higher quality surfaces at faster speeds, in any material type. Smarter, faster and more accurate grading without additional hardware. Plus, Connected Machine functionality now comes standard on all GCS900 systems, bringing the office and the machine together for increased efficiency.

3D Grader

Finished grade with fewer passes. Place material faster and with millimeter accuracy. With GCS900 on your grader you’ll keep costs to a minimum and realize better profits.

3D Hex

Maximum efficiency for your excavator. Everyone talks about it, but only Trimble delivers.

3D Milling

Mill out the waves. Controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill minimizes over-cutting, creates a smoother surface and reduces the need for additional material in the re-paving process. PCS900 for Milling Machines uses a 3D design model, the industry-leading SPS 930 Universal Total Station, and on-machine sensors to mill at a fixed or variable depth, depending on job specifications. The 3D design is displayed to the machine operator showing areas that are on, above, or below ideal grade. Comparing the actual drum position and slope with the digital design, PCS900 automatically guides the milling drum to cut the ideal depth and slope without string lines or manual adjustments.

3D Paver

Concrete paving contractors will see efficiency improvements from day one through:

  • Improved site logistics and safety
  • Reduced cost by stringline elimination
  • Better yield
  • Increased surface smoothness
  • Less rework and problem spot grinding

Trimble DPS900

DPS900 (Drilling and Piling System) helps increase the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your drilling and piling operations. All day. All night. And under almost any conditions.

Trimble Earthworks

Trimble® Earthworks grade control application is designed to help operators of every level avoid guess work. And rework. It’s easy on the eyes and touch-friendly with a modern user interface that is intuitive whether you’re a veteran operator or first time user.

The Earthworks application was created in collaboration with construction professionals around the world, with an interface optimized for operator productivity. Colorful graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-discovery features make the software intuitive and easy to learn. Each operator can personalize their interface to match the workflow, and a variety of configurable views make it easier to see the right perspective for maximum productivity. In addition, Earthworks allows data files to be transferred to or from the office wirelessly and automatically so that the operator is always using the latest design.

Trimble Site Mobile

Combining a camera, a controller and a smartphone into one lightweight device, the all-in-one Site Mobile is the only device you need on the construction site.

Trimble CCSFlex

The Trimble CCSFlex Compaction Control System is a reliable and affordable option to leverage compaction control technology and help you be more competitive. The easy-to-use CCSFlex “system in a case” provides accurate pass count mapping without a GPS base station and without a 3D design.

The CCSFlex system offers many features and benefits to the paving contractor:

  • Facilitates optimal compaction by displaying pass count information to the operator in real-time
  • Easy to install in a couple of hours
  • Portability makes it ideal for rented compactors
  • Flexibility allows you to move the system between compactors
  • Works on any asphalt compactor with open or enclosed cab

As a more cost-conscious entry-level configuration, CCSFlex helps you work more efficiently and create a better surface without investing in the full-featured system. You can always upgrade later with additional temperature sensors, precision GNSS corrections, or a larger display screen.