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Short Tri-Max 90550-Series

Standard Tri-Max quality in a smaller size

Alligator Clamp Prism Pole Tripod

The tripod features a ball-and-socket head, which makes leveling a bubble easy

Legs extend from 2.62- to 4.17-ft (80-cm to 1.3-m)

The rubberized jaws hold a pole (up to 2-inch (51-mm) OD) firmly in place

Weighs 2.65 lb (1.20 kg)

Open Clamp Bipod

12 inch Opwn Clamp Bipod - 5217-15-ABK

Original Thumb Release Bipod

A surveyor can set up a free-standing GNSS antenna pole or prism pole

Poles 1- to 1.25-inch (25.6- to 32-mm) OD attach through the open clamp

1.5-inch (38.1 mm) OD poles can be loaded through the top

Legs (independently) extend to 6 feet (1.8 m)

Collapses to 43 inches (109 cm)

Order 8180-20-ORG for carrying case

Weighs 4.25 lb (1.93 kg)

Tripods: GNSS/MC

Standard and Heavy Duty, with telescoping legs