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Spectra HV101

The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® HV101 Interior Laser is a professional tool with an economical price tag. The HV101 laser is capable of handling a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications. It is rugged enough for the toughest jobsite and designed to survive a 3 foot drop onto concrete. The HV101 Interior Laser is backed by the industry's only 3-year instant over the counter exchange warranty.

Spectra HV302

Whether your job is indoors or outdoors, the automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® HV302 Horizontal/Vertical Laser is the most rugged laser available, tough enough to handle a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications. A split beam enables plumb point transfer and 90 degree layout. Even in brightly lit interior conditions, the high visibility beam of the HV302 delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

Spectra HV302G

Spectra Precision HV302G-1 Green Beam Construction Laser

Spectra LL100N

Automatic, self-leveling ensures fast, accurate setups. One person elevation control up to 150m.

Spectra LL300S

Measuring indoors and outdoors

Multiple applications for measuring for all demands with high accuracy

Spectra LL400

Highly ruggedized, fully automatic self-leveling laser level sets new standard in accuracy and reliability.

Spectra LL500

Long Range High Accuracy Laser Level with Digital Readout Laserometer Receiver and Clamp