A Powerful 3D Laser Scanning Office Software Suite

Trimble RealWorks is a powerful office software that imports rich data from
your 3D laser scanning instrument and transforms it into compelling 3D
deliverables. As the desktop component of Trimble’s suite of 3D scanning
solutions, Trimble RealWorks provides you with the capability to efficiently
manage, process, and analyze large data sets with confidence.

►Manage, process and analyze large datasets
► Perform smart measurement – semi-auto clearance,
projected vertical and horizontal
► Communicate your results via video generation and
Google Earth export (kml format)
► Perform automatic registration with or without targets
► Quickly check the quality of the targets
► Generate registration reports
► Easily export to the CAD design package of your choice
► Publish self-contained project packages for standalone
viewing, exploration, measuring and annotating