Trimble S9

solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability


Here are just some of the powerful features and options available for the Trimble S9

• 0.5” or 1” accuracy

• Specialized modules for tunnels, monitoring, or mines for dedicated workflows

 • Optional Trimble SureScan and VISION technology

• Trimble SurePoint

 • DR HP EDM in the Trimble S9 HP

• Monitor projects—both real time and post-processed—to rapidly detect critical structural movements, with Trimble 4D Control™ software

• Additional engineering-specific features include Trimble FineLock™ and our Class 3R laser pointer. Trimble Finelock detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms and LongRange Finelock extends that functionality; both provide critical support for high precision applications in close quarters, such as rail alignment, deformation monitoring and tunneling. The Class 3R laser pointer visually mark points at greater range in tunnels or underground mines